F-Clamp Storage Rack

Today I posted the video of creating a storage rack for my Split F-Clamp Storage rack for my slat wall.  In the video, I mention several different dimensions so if you would like to build this rack for your own storage solution I have included here some of the diagrams I used to create this rack.  So feel free to download these free plans/diagrams.


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Here is the video if you would like to see how I put it together.


What a busy weekend Clamp Storage & Storage Bins

It was quite a busy weekend in my shop.  I was able to get three videos recorded, but I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the video to see how good it is.  I was able to complete my F-Clamp style rack, my C-Clamp style rack, & a review of storage bins I picked up from Harbor Freight.

The first project I worked on was the F-Clamp style holder.  I had some of the MDF that I had glued up last week left over so I used that as the base and cut some notches in it using the bandsaw.  After that, I glued and screwed it to a backer-board that I also drilled for the mounting of the 1/4-20 bolts that I have been using to mount everything to the slat wall.  This was very quickly put together but works great.  Where I mounted it; it does block some light from the fluorescent shop light but I think it still works where it is.



The next project I worked on was my C-Clamp storage and looking at the photos now I guess I could have made one bracket to hold the small & medium clamps instead of making two separate units.  I do have the larger size 5″ to do yet but I will have to mount that one slot higher.  I will try to get that finished this week.



I went to one of my favorite stores this weekend.  Harbor Freight.  This is a great store to find affordable items you do have to be cautious on what you get though.  I have found that their power tools are sometimes under powered or have issues.  I have never had any issues with their clamps or hardware.  You have to be sure to always use your coupons also.  If you don’t have a coupon don’t go.  20% off & a Free gift is a must.  This trip I picked up a few quick clamps, a magnetic parts tray, and a storage system with bins included.  The storage system came with the bracket and 30 bins.  If you look at Uline these bins can run at least a $1.00 each but I got 30 with the wall mount for only $13 you can’t beat that.


Well I hope I’ll have time to edit video tonight so be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for that.  https://www.youtube.com/user/wilmerwoodworks


Clamp Storage – PART 1 – Wood Clamps

This weekend went by very fast!  I did get out in my shop on Saturday for a few hours and work on my clamp storage for my slat wall, so be sure to look for that video tomorrow.  I did not get to everything I was hoping to, however.  My first focus was to clean up and get a coat of paint on my C-Clamps that took up a little more time than I thought.  I did get them all cleaned up on my wire wheel and I sprayed them with WD-40 and with just one coat of paint they are already looking 100% better.


While the paint on my C-Clamps was drying in the sun I turned my attention to building storage for my Bar Clamps & Wood Clamps.  I started by taking some leftover 3/4″ MDF and cutting it into two strips about 5 1/2″ each and gluing them together to give me a final piece that is 1 1/2″ thick.  This is what I used for the angles to hold my bar clamps up. I’ll make sure to take some photos of the storage rack as my memory card on my camera filled up very quickly.


So now I had my C-Clamps drying and my MDF glue up drying, I decided to work on the only thing I could really finish and that was my Wood Clamp Storage.  I have two wood clamps in three different sizes so what I did was simply measure the width of the clamps when they are opened to clamp around the 3/4″ MDF and cut three pieces to that width and then I took the length of the clamp and subtracted about 1″ and cut them to length.  I predrilled all the holes using my drill to avoid splitting and then using a 1/4 – 20 x 1 1/2″ bolt washer and nut I attached it securely to my slat wall.

I know as I move forward with making recordings and projects I will get better, but I really need to focus on one project per day.  When I work on my own I like to multitask to get everything done and when I try to record that it just seems to look like a scattered mess.  Next weekend I will work on finishing my C-Clamps up and then only work on smaller projects until I get a handle on moving the camera, shooting, setting up for the next shot, etc.  On the plus side, I think I really figured out how to work with the frame rate and ISO to get nice bright and clear video.  I also purchased an external microphone so my audio should be much better moving forward as well.

Upcoming Project – Slat Wall Storage

I have a nice slat wall that was given to me by my neighbor a few years ago.  It was used in a retail space and is really nice.  The problem is the hardware that I have is for a pegboard and when you take a tool off the board the pegs fall off and go everywhere.  So to fix this I will make some storage solutions that work with this wall and that keep the holders mounted firmly.  I think I will start by looking into options for my wood clamps and C-Clamps.  I also need to make some storage for some wrenches, my cordless drill, and other various tools that I find myself grabbing for when I am working on a project.  I am going to spend the next couple of days thinking of what tools would best be on the board and which will be better tucked away in a drawer.


The main items I know right now I want to keep on the wall are:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Squares
  • Clamps
  • Tape Measures
  • Tape
  • Saws


I know there will be more and hopefully once I start to make a home for everything I will start to get more room.  Right now everything sort of looks like a scattered mess.

First YouTube Recording Complete

I started my shop cleanup this weekend and recorded my first video for my YouTube channel WilmerWoodWorks.  Like everything, there is a bit of a learning curve.  First, I used a cheap camcorder that we have had for years and I knew the audio quality wasn’t going to be good fortunately I have an audio recorder and microphone that I was able to strap on.  Well, I forgot to test the microphone and the first one I chose didn’t work.  It would have been awesome if I knew that before I recorded all my video with blank audio recordings.  So, I had to boost the audio from the camcorder when I edited the video.  Lesson learned CHECK AUDIO & VIDEO FIRST!

The day went pretty fast.  I did get to clean my work benches off but didn’t get to do a real inventory of what I have or what I woul like to move so I will have to do that possibly Thursday.  Here are some photos of what the shop looks like now.


I think moving forward I will try to keep to this general schedule:

  • Monday – Blog Post
  • Tuesday – Post Video on YouTube
  • Wednesday – Blog Post
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Friday – Blog Post
  • Saturday – Record Video
  • Sunday – Edit Video


We’ll see how I can work with that work load and if everything goes smoothly maybe I can add additional videos weekly down the road.

My basic Shop Plan

I have been taking stock of what I have in my shop and what tools I can purge.  I think I have come up with a clear plan for my shop organization and planning.   There are a few key areas I will be focusing on.

  • My slat wall (I know most people use a peg board but someone gave me a beautiful slat wall).
  • My table saw / workbench.
  • My lathe and laser engraver wall with storage

Here is a rough idea of my current shop layout:

I think knowing what I have and doing an inventory of my hardware and tools first will give me a better idea of how best to layout my shop so in the next few days that is what I will try to focus on.  I have a few workbenches that have drawers for storage but they have really been turning into a catchall for whatever I have on top of my workbench.  I will need to clean them out and really find a home for everything.

I will basically take my shop and cut it up into thirds to try to make the process move a little smoother.  I will start with my main walkway.  That is where I have a few workbenches and my slat storage wall and chop saw.  The problem I have with my slat wall is that I only have peg board hardware and every time I remove a tool the hardware falls off as well.  So hopefully I can come up with a better system to get everything secure and cleaned up.  The issue I have with my chop saw is it sits a little proud of the two workbenches on either side of it so I will need to shim up the benches to make everything flush.  There is also a drill press that sits a little low so I think I will replace that stand to put everything on the same level.

When it comes to my table saw and large workbench what I really need to do is just get rid of one of my table saws (yes I have 2).  When I pair them down to just one and replace the current stand and maybe build a better top and fence that should be all I should do for that section.

Finally, I will tackle my lathe and laser engraver.  I haven’t been able to use my lathe or even my laser engraver easily because I have the kids bikes and some yard equipment in my second walkway.  I hope to get a small shed outside my shop to store these items to make a little more room in my shop.  Then I’ll be able to run some electric over to that wall so all the tools that are stationary are plugged in an ready to go so I won’t have to run extension cords all over the shop.


That is my basic plan.  If I stick to a schedule I should be able to get everything done quickly and easily but only time will tell.

When family is in town delays will follow

I have family visiting from out of town and with guests, delays are almost mandatory.  There is nothing wrong with delays but they do happen.  So with my cleanup and shop planning on a bit of a hold, we decided to just have fun.  Yesterday my brother and I went to an indoor gun range locally and for a few hours we had fun poking holes in targets


Tomorrow we plan on going to Legoland…


I will most likely get back in the workshop this weekend, or worst case early next week.

WHAT! Injured already! WHAT!

Well I think I need to explain a bit.  I did not injure myself cleaning or planning.  I don’t want you to think that I am not capable of wielding a broom or pencil.  Using a Machete on the other hand proved to be a bit much for me the other day.  So let me give you a little background first.


We moved to FL about 7 years ago and we found a great home and the street we live on there are several vacant overgrown lots.  About a year ago we where able to acquire one of these lots but it was very over grown.  After about a year of clearing it by myself and by hand we decided to outsource the final push.  Well after about 2 hours of running around in a CAT the lot looked AWESOME.  Unfortunately the land is so uneven that he couldn’t get everywhere so I still needed to clean up parts of the lot by hand.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait.  Last night I went out with my handy machete and began hacking and slicing when I accidentally nicked my leg.  Well it was about 2-3 inches long and prob 1/2 deep so after about 2 hrs at the E.R. and several stitches later I was told to take it easy for a few days before getting back at it.

Time to get up and running again!

Well what can I say life happens.  My shop is not really the setup I dreamed it would be.  I don’t work on projects as much as I would like to.  Frankly lately it seems that I spend more time researching and reading about projects then actually creating and building things.  I guess I was stuck in a rut.  You may know the kind I mean.  You work all day but by the time you get home you have neither the energy or ambition to do much more than spend a few hours with the family and then have a mini Netflix marathon before trudging to bed to awake the next day just to start the whole crazy process over again.


First I am going to work out a plan because like I say at my regular 9-5 if you fail to plan you are just planning to fail.  I will make an outline to get my workshop back to ship shape.  Then I will take an inventory of what I have and prioritize the projects I would like to complete and start picking away at them a little at a time.  I will be documenting as much as I can with notes, pictures, and video on my YouTube channel and I will do this so that maybe some of my ideas may inspire or help others but also I will try to monetize my YouTube videos so please feel free to share as little or as much as you like.


Along with woodworking projects there are a lot of electronic projects I have been reading up on and would like to start implementing in larger projects that I have in mind but lets start with a plan & outline.  Unfortunately before I can start with that I will have to do something I haven’t done in quite some time.  CLEAN!