I decided my next project would be a cutting board. That was when a co-worker overheard me and handed me a scrap off-cut from when he installed a butcher block counter at his mother’s house and said “Here see what you can do with this”. Well, this video shows my process of turning his scrap off-cut into a cutting board!

Do you want to make your own butcher block cutting board from scratch? In this video, I will show you how I did it step by step. You will learn how to cut it, glue it, clamp it, sand it, and finish it. You will also learn some tips and tricks to make your cutting board look amazing and last longer. This is a fun and easy project that anyone can do with basic woodworking tools and skills. You will end up with a beautiful and functional cutting board that you can use in your kitchen or give as a gift. Watch the video and unleash your inner craftsman!

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