Here is a video of me using a simple awning to make a garage for my Luba 5000 AWD automower. I decided to go with this option and not something that is enclosed because in Florida the sun would turn a garage with walls into a little oven and bake the little guy. This way there will be airflow and he won’t get overheated. This garage came in at 1/3 the price of the OEM garage that Mammotion sells but I know that it is more than some of the other easy fixes I have seen some people put together I like the look of it and there should be no interference since the roof is only a thin polycarbonate material.

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Luba AWD 5000 –
Awning –
Aluminum – 3/4-in W x 1/2-in H x 3-ft L Mill Finished Aluminum Offset Angle –

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