Embarking on a new chapter in my woodworking journey, I’ve recently acquired the Creality Falcon 2 12w laser engraver. This nifty tool is set to revolutionize the way I personalize and detail my wood creations. My previous foray into laser engraving with a CO2 laser left much to be desired—the constant struggle with aligning mirrors, calibrating the device, and the eventual depletion of CO2 was a challenge I no longer wished to tackle.

In search of a more user-friendly alternative, the Creality Falcon 2 caught my attention. Its diode-style laser boasted an easy setup and promised impressive results, a claim I was eager to put to the test. Given my positive experiences with Creality’s 3D printer, the CR-10S, my expectations were high, and I’m thrilled to report that the Falcon 2 did not disappoint.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a machine that was almost ready to go right out of the box, requiring minimal effort to start my first project. The only hiccup I encountered was a self-inflicted one—my laptop, which hadn’t been booted up in quite some time, tested my patience with its sluggish start. However, once up and running, the Falcon 2 performed flawlessly. The test cut included on the micro card was executed with precision, and my venture into online cut files was a success, requiring a mere two passes to achieve the desired result.

The excitement of mastering the accompanying software is palpable, as I envision the myriad of ways I can integrate laser engraving into my future projects. With the 12w power at my disposal, I’m confident it will more than meet my needs. And should I crave even more power, the option to upgrade to a 40w unit is reassuring, thanks to the shared framework design.

As I continue to explore the capabilities of the Creality Falcon 2, I look forward to sharing my experiences and creations with you all. Stay tuned for more updates as I delve deeper into the world of laser engraving!


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I have been doing woodworking since I was in high school (a while) and I also enjoy making 3D projects and general projects so the videos I post will be basically what projects I have going on and how I go about getting them done.
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