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Yard Shed Storage Project | Re-Level & Lattice

Today I will be re-leveling my yard shed and adding lattice to the bottom.

Here are some of the tools I will be using in this project.  I will have links to everything I used in the description.  Along with all the supplies.  I purchased all the materials from Home Depot.

Before starting you will need to clean under the shed.

As you can see left to right the shed is pretty level but back to front, it is about ½ a bubble off. Since the shed is still empty now is the time to fix this.

My shed is anchored using mobile home ties. First, we will need to release the tension. Whenever you must knock a bolt back be sure to leave a nut on the end, so you don’t damage the threads.

Now I will just use an automotive jack to bring the shed to level.

As you can see, I had to come up with quite a bit.

I took my pressure-treated lumber and cut it down to 12” sections using my circular saw.

With my various board thickness cut and a few pavers I had, I began shimming the shed as needed.

Once I was happy with the level I could retain the straps.

With the shed level, it was time to add the lattice.

I took the 4x4 vinyl post and cut it down into two pieces that created a nice corner.

I then measured, marked, and cut it down to size.

With each piece in place, I drilled a pilot hole and secured using 2” screws that I had on hand.

Then I measured each side where the lattice would be placed.  I transferred these measurements to the lattice and connected them using a long straight edge.  I then cut the lattice using my angle grinder with a cutoff wheel.

I then attached the lattice using 1” self-drilling hex head screws that I had from another project.  I will be painting this lattice when I paint the building.

To attach multiple sections of lattice together I used this joining piece and just measured and cut it to length.

Here are some final shots of today's project.  I didn’t apply lattice to the side of the shed as I will be adding a ramp in the future and will add it then.  I hope you enjoyed the video.

Supplies Used:

Lattice – Veranda 2’x8’ White Vinyl – 2 7/8” hole -

Lattice Divider – Veranda 8’ White Vinyl -

Vinyl Post – 4”x4”x45” White Vinyl -

2”x6”x4’ – Pressure Treated Board -

5/4”x6”x4’ – Pressure Treated Board -

1”x4”x4’ – Pressure Treated Board -

Tools used:

Weedwacker – Craftsman 20v -

24” Level – I don’t have a branded level - any will work: -

Crescent Wrenches – I’m using a “Fuller” & “Companion” - any will work -

Work Gloves – CAT Touchscreen -

Automotive Jack – Harbor Freight -

Tape Measure – 25’ Craftsman -

Marker – Milwaukee Inkzall -

Speed Square – Johnson Level & Tool -

Saw – Craftsman 20v 6.5” Circular Saw -

Angle Grinder – Craftsman 20v -

Drill & Impact – Craftsman 20v -

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