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Yard Shed Overview

I just wanted to give a brief overview of my upcoming yard shed project. I recently purchased a 10x20 shed.  I want to spend some time planning before just jamming it full of equipment. I plan to dedicate a video to each planned upgrade.  If you want to follow this build process don’t forget to subscribe.

First, when they delivered the shed, they did mention that my ground was soft so I should expect some sinking in the first few weeks. It has been about 2 weeks and it has dropped on the one side so I will need to raise it a bit. 

I also plan on adding some lattice at the bottom to make it look more permanent. I will use lattice because it will still allow airflow under the shed, but it will help keep critters from making a home.

This is a Yard Shed so I do plan on storing all my yard tools including my tractor, trimmers, chainsaws etc.  To get the tractor in and out of the shed I will need to build and attach a ramp to the shed.

I recently had another large building installed and I immediately noticed an issue with water runoff from the roof.  This is a smaller roof, but I would like to add a rain barrel collection system so to have that work I will add a gutter on both sides of the shed. With collection and runoff in the rear.

On this back section is where I would like to have my rain barrel collection and gutters feed into.  I will have to make a platform because the back corner is very low. They didn’t offer the shed in many colors so I will be painting it blue to match my other building leaving the white trim. I purchased a Harbor freight paint sprayer and I’m excited to try it out.

Inside is open and the wood studs will make it easy for attaching cabinets and tool holders.  There is no power in this building and it is far from my home, so I plan on adding some solar panels and lithium batteries for lighting and for using small power tools.

I want to break the shed into multiple zones so I can accomplish storage and functionality.  I will have a place for yard equipment and a workbench for yard projects.  A few large metal racks for storage.  Another workbench with a bench vise, bandsaw, and other small power tools that will either be battery-powered or powered by the solar power system.

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