What a busy weekend Clamp Storage & Storage Bins

It was quite a busy weekend in my shop.  I was able to get three videos recorded, but I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the video to see how good it is.  I was able to complete my F-Clamp style rack, my C-Clamp style rack, & a review of storage bins I picked up from Harbor Freight.

The first project I worked on was the F-Clamp style holder.  I had some of the MDF that I had glued up last week left over so I used that as the base and cut some notches in it using the bandsaw.  After that, I glued and screwed it to a backer-board that I also drilled for the mounting of the 1/4-20 bolts that I have been using to mount everything to the slat wall.  This was very quickly put together but works great.  Where I mounted it; it does block some light from the fluorescent shop light but I think it still works where it is.



The next project I worked on was my C-Clamp storage and looking at the photos now I guess I could have made one bracket to hold the small & medium clamps instead of making two separate units.  I do have the larger size 5″ to do yet but I will have to mount that one slot higher.  I will try to get that finished this week.



I went to one of my favorite stores this weekend.  Harbor Freight.  This is a great store to find affordable items you do have to be cautious on what you get though.  I have found that their power tools are sometimes under powered or have issues.  I have never had any issues with their clamps or hardware.  You have to be sure to always use your coupons also.  If you don’t have a coupon don’t go.  20% off & a Free gift is a must.  This trip I picked up a few quick clamps, a magnetic parts tray, and a storage system with bins included.  The storage system came with the bracket and 30 bins.  If you look at Uline these bins can run at least a $1.00 each but I got 30 with the wall mount for only $13 you can’t beat that.


Well I hope I’ll have time to edit video tonight so be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for that.  https://www.youtube.com/user/wilmerwoodworks


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