Time to get up and running again!

Well what can I say life happens.  My shop is not really the setup I dreamed it would be.  I don’t work on projects as much as I would like to.  Frankly lately it seems that I spend more time researching and reading about projects then actually creating and building things.  I guess I was stuck in a rut.  You may know the kind I mean.  You work all day but by the time you get home you have neither the energy or ambition to do much more than spend a few hours with the family and then have a mini Netflix marathon before trudging to bed to awake the next day just to start the whole crazy process over again.


First I am going to work out a plan because like I say at my regular 9-5 if you fail to plan you are just planning to fail.  I will make an outline to get my workshop back to ship shape.  Then I will take an inventory of what I have and prioritize the projects I would like to complete and start picking away at them a little at a time.  I will be documenting as much as I can with notes, pictures, and video on my YouTube channel and I will do this so that maybe some of my ideas may inspire or help others but also I will try to monetize my YouTube videos so please feel free to share as little or as much as you like.


Along with woodworking projects there are a lot of electronic projects I have been reading up on and would like to start implementing in larger projects that I have in mind but lets start with a plan & outline.  Unfortunately before I can start with that I will have to do something I haven’t done in quite some time.  CLEAN!

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