First YouTube Recording Complete

I started my shop cleanup this weekend and recorded my first video for my YouTube channel WilmerWoodWorks.  Like everything, there is a bit of a learning curve.  First, I used a cheap camcorder that we have had for years and I knew the audio quality wasn’t going to be good fortunately I have an audio recorder and microphone that I was able to strap on.  Well, I forgot to test the microphone and the first one I chose didn’t work.  It would have been awesome if I knew that before I recorded all my video with blank audio recordings.  So, I had to boost the audio from the camcorder when I edited the video.  Lesson learned CHECK AUDIO & VIDEO FIRST!

The day went pretty fast.  I did get to clean my work benches off but didn’t get to do a real inventory of what I have or what I woul like to move so I will have to do that possibly Thursday.  Here are some photos of what the shop looks like now.


I think moving forward I will try to keep to this general schedule:

  • Monday – Blog Post
  • Tuesday – Post Video on YouTube
  • Wednesday – Blog Post
  • Thurs – Rest
  • Friday – Blog Post
  • Saturday – Record Video
  • Sunday – Edit Video


We’ll see how I can work with that work load and if everything goes smoothly maybe I can add additional videos weekly down the road.

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