Clamp Storage – PART 1 – Wood Clamps

This weekend went by very fast!  I did get out in my shop on Saturday for a few hours and work on my clamp storage for my slat wall, so be sure to look for that video tomorrow.  I did not get to everything I was hoping to, however.  My first focus was to clean up and get a coat of paint on my C-Clamps that took up a little more time than I thought.  I did get them all cleaned up on my wire wheel and I sprayed them with WD-40 and with just one coat of paint they are already looking 100% better.


While the paint on my C-Clamps was drying in the sun I turned my attention to building storage for my Bar Clamps & Wood Clamps.  I started by taking some leftover 3/4″ MDF and cutting it into two strips about 5 1/2″ each and gluing them together to give me a final piece that is 1 1/2″ thick.  This is what I used for the angles to hold my bar clamps up. I’ll make sure to take some photos of the storage rack as my memory card on my camera filled up very quickly.


So now I had my C-Clamps drying and my MDF glue up drying, I decided to work on the only thing I could really finish and that was my Wood Clamp Storage.  I have two wood clamps in three different sizes so what I did was simply measure the width of the clamps when they are opened to clamp around the 3/4″ MDF and cut three pieces to that width and then I took the length of the clamp and subtracted about 1″ and cut them to length.  I predrilled all the holes using my drill to avoid splitting and then using a 1/4 – 20 x 1 1/2″ bolt washer and nut I attached it securely to my slat wall.

I know as I move forward with making recordings and projects I will get better, but I really need to focus on one project per day.  When I work on my own I like to multitask to get everything done and when I try to record that it just seems to look like a scattered mess.  Next weekend I will work on finishing my C-Clamps up and then only work on smaller projects until I get a handle on moving the camera, shooting, setting up for the next shot, etc.  On the plus side, I think I really figured out how to work with the frame rate and ISO to get nice bright and clear video.  I also purchased an external microphone so my audio should be much better moving forward as well.

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