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F-Clamp Storage Rack

Today I posted the video of creating a storage rack for my Split F-Clamp Storage rack for my slat wall.  In the video, I mention several different dimensions so if you would like to build this rack for your own storage solution I have included here some of the diagrams I used to create this […]

What a busy weekend Clamp Storage & Storage Bins

It was quite a busy weekend in my shop.  I was able to get three videos recorded, but I haven’t had a chance to take a look at the video to see how good it is.  I was able to complete my F-Clamp style rack, my C-Clamp style rack, & a review of storage bins […]

Clamp Storage – PART 1 – Wood Clamps

This weekend went by very fast!  I did get out in my shop on Saturday for a few hours and work on my clamp storage for my slat wall, so be sure to look for that video tomorrow.  I did not get to everything I was hoping to, however.  My first focus was to clean […]